Social Justice & Peacemaking Ministry Team

When the Presbyterian Church was becoming established in America, our spiritual ancestors laid out six "great ends of the church" which Presbyterians would take as their charge. One of these was "the promotion of social righteousness." Our ministry team seeks to lead the congregation in fulfilling this call by holding before us major issues in which we need to lead society.  We promote effective ways of dealing with poverty and its human cost through such programs as the Offering of Letters sponsored by Bread for World.  We encourage participating in the annual Peacemaking Offering in which our denomination has been involved for close to half a century.  We make available to the congregation materials which may be of help in identifying and interpreting social justice issues in which we should be interested. Our team reaches out to involve as many congregational members as possible as we seek each other's input and encourage our congregation to be faithful to the call of Christ to his people in our time.  For information on current church-wide issues, go to

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