Recycling Symbols

July 18, 2023

"Recycling symbols" are actually plastic resin codes.  A number inside chasing arrows does not mean that an item is recyclable, it simply indicates the type of plastic resin it is made from.  For example, #6 is Styrofoam which is notoriously not recyclable and will last more than 1,000 years in a landfill. 

Plastic recycling probably creates the most confusion.  Currently only plastics #1 and 2, bottles and jugs, with a neck and shoulders, are accepted here.  You might also see clamshells – from salads, nuts, and such with a #1 and #2; these are not recyclable here.  No other types or numbers of plastics are recyclable curbside or in other recycling bins in Wayne County, although other localities may accept other types. 

Considering composting?  Many people say no, for fear of odors, animals, and the general yuck factor.  To confirm that this is not the case, here is a testimonial from our own Karolyn Rice:

Your comments some time ago about methane produced in landfills that could be considerably less without the food stuff, made me buy a small counter-top container for composting. We cut things up into little pieces before putting them into the container to condense their size and so, in our yard, it doesn't look like banana peels and the like. We have a corner in our yard where we dump the contents of the container and have had no problems with it. No odor, no animals that we have noticed, and whatever has been dumped blends in with the dirt around it by the time we come with the next container. I like it better than a garbage disposal and, should I ever really begin gardening, I may even use the compost pile to help our gardens.

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