Ushers Needed

August 26, 2022

Two Ushers Needed for Sundays
We would like to have two ushers (adults and/or youth) for each Sunday service, one for the chapel entrance and one for the narthex entrance, to greet people and hand out bulletins.

Beginning September 4th, we will be adding the offertory prayer and Doxology back into the service. The offertory will follow the sermon. We will not be passing the offertory plates---they will remain as they are now, in the chapel and the narthex. However, we would like the two ushers to bring the offertory plates from the chapel and narthex up to the chancel steps during the offertory. David will introduce the offertory. Ushers will bring the plates from the chapel and the narthex to the chancel steps and return to their seats during the musical selection.  Eric will play the hymn the congregation will sing. David will then offer a prayer and the congregation will sing the Doxology.
This is a pretty simple task—a friendly face in the chapel and narthex greeting people and handing out bulletins then bringing the offertory plates to the chancel steps during the offertory and returning to your seats.

Please help us enhance our reputation as a welcoming and helpful congregation by using the link below to sign up for a Sunday in this quarter!

Thank you!
The Faith and Worship Team

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