College of Wooster Host Families Needed!

August 13, 2021

This fall, the College of Wooster will welcome a new class of bright, excited, and anxious international students! Many of them would like an American host family to assist them in their adjustment to a new language, food, culture, climate, etc. while sharing their home culture and life experiences. Please consider becoming a host family for one of these students. 
Please note that the international students do not live with their host families – they live on College of Wooster campus, but Host families are encouraged to  invite their host student(s) into their homes for the occasional meal, family outing, holiday or just to hang out!  Or you can attend community or campus events together, go hiking, tour Amish country, etc.   
We will be matching students in mid-August. We will have a welcome event near the end of September for students to meet their families after students have completed quarantine. We hope this is the start of a wonderful cross-cultural friendship and will last the four years that the student is at Wooster.
If this is something you and your family are interested in, please read additional information 
here and complete a quick 15-minute host family survey so that we can make the best match possible. If you know other families in the community interested in this program, please feel free to send me their contact information or forward this email.  Melanie Garcia is happy to talk to any families at First Pres about being a host family!  Her email address is

Hannah Thomas
Assistant Director, International Student Services
The College of Wooster

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