Garden Help Needed

April 28, 2021

Thanks to Cheryl Gooch and David Wilkin, who have each volunteered to tend a garden, the number of new gardeners required is now two. The areas, which need a person or a family to tend, are the following:

The east end of the north garden (this is the one adjacent to the property just north of the church) needs a caretaker. That garden begins where the long narrow garden ends. It’s more or less the circular portion of the garden.

The two areas flanking the main parking lot entrance to the church. The two areas have mostly perennials. However, in the spring, when the daffodils and iris are blooming, stopping by to deadhead the flowers and prop up the iris a couple of times each week would be needed. Once the flowering season is over, some weeding every other week would be all that’s needed.

Please consider volunteering to maintain one of those gardens. If you have questions, email Roy Haynes at Roy will be available after the church service to answer questions and for a quick tour.

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