In the Summer of 2003, First Presbyterian Church began operating under a new organizational structure. In place of committees we developed Coordinating Teams. These teams were broadly named Faith and Nurture, Faith and Practice, and Faith and Structure.

The work formerly done by committees was folded under these three Coordinating Teams. The new organization allows for Ministry Teams that perform work which falls under the various Coordinating Teams. Ministry Teams allow for parishioners to be involved in smaller areas of interest and on a short-term basis if appropriate. It is also possible for parishioners to form a Ministry Team to fill a need or based on individual interests.

Ministry coordinating team members are recommended by the nominating committee and elected for two year terms by the congregation. Session members are also assigned to each team and serve as the chair of the teams.  Please let the pastor or the nominating committee know if your are interesting in serving on a team.

Each coordinating team has various church groups that work under their umbrella, providing funding and support.  You can join or even start your own group to fill a need recognized by the congregation. Being a member of a group is your choice.

Below is information provided by various Coordinating or Ministry Teams.


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