A Message from David Rice

 Dear Friends,

 I know I speak for all of us when I say how tiring and frustrating life is nearly four months into this pandemic.  It is especially worrisome that so much is still unknown about this virus, even as infection numbers are seriously spiking in so many parts of our country that have opened up over these past weeks.  In the face of continuing uncertainty and the age and health demographics of our congregation, the Session is keeping the church building closed down through the months of July and August.  The plan is for us to open on 30 August for worship in a carefully restricted way.  Among these restrictions will be included the use of designated entrances and exits, personal distancing throughout the church, the wearing of masks, attention to hand-washing and disinfection, and the curtailing of worship practices such as singing, responsive liturgy, passing the peace, corporate communion.

These are very difficult decisions being made, but the guiding principle is the strong biblical mandate to care for our neighbor and the vulnerable among us.  Our ongoing challenge is to approach these current circumstances as opportunities for spiritual growth and imaginative connecting within our church family and beyond.  We must remember that the work of the church has not skipped a beat, but continues in countless ways of volunteering, communicating, praying, sharing, studying, supporting, and worshiping.  Your faithful participation during Covid-19 will make our eventual gathering together again an occasion for great joy and thanksgiving!


May all of you continue to be well throughout your extended families wherever they may be.


Blessings and Peace


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